​Enlightening Sri Lanka

​”Nagi sitiya haka eksath weeBedi giyoth rata yayi sun weePibidiwu Pibidiwu Pibidiwu”

“When together, we could stand closely.if you spit will lose the country.Be awake Be awake Be awake”

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This a true saying. In a country, where many castes, religious beliefs are kicking places, it’s amazing how everyone comes together for the future of the country. It is not possible for a nation to be united as a nation but also contribute to the dream of the development of the country. The development of a country has a direct impact on how society behaves and its attitudes.

​No matter which leaders come up to represent the people of the country, if the people still decide to live under the rock, there is no proper leadership there. It is crucial to see the other angle. The community that sweats towards an Inspiring leader. A country must have a leader with a vision toward the betterment of the country that guides the community to its vision.

Although for the betterment of the country, rules and regulations are implied which are barely adhered to and respected. Fines have people fear once in a while. What future did we expect from the community toward the development of the county? If simple rule for the motorcyclist to wear their helmets for the safety of their own couldn’t have adhered, so what did we expect on towards the development of the country.

For a better country, we need to work similarly to a scale, the efforts of the government should equal to the amount of the efforts of the community contribute as well. This will help for a continuous active government that will help in the direction of better tomorrow for the country.

Despite all caste and creed, the outdoor gallery concept that is currently being explored in Sri Lanka is a laudable tribute to the Mother of Sri Lanka. How praiseworthy is to see the people of Sri Lanka against all religious believes, age, caste come together to bright up Sri Lanka.

To support evidence, to the above sentence in the district of Kurunagala, a painting at a Buddhist temple was painted by a Muslim, A journalist at the location recording the incident who questioned the scenery receive a very positive response.

“Art & Painting have no Religion, As a country, we should all stick together”

​This response lets all politicians who arouse of religions concerns for their benefits speechless. what is to be done is happening? 

There will always be nay-sayers. For a painting of a woman being carried in the arms of soldiers, to be erased off, we can understand the mentality level of the person.

But to my joy, I must state the art reformed a new life learning all naysayers nagging.

Amidst these beautiful painters, there is another incident we must talk skill to paint, we have witnessed youth helping out to clean wall pasters out which have been looked down on by the naysayers. There are just a few incidents that had been witnessed.

We must say, if one does not know how to appreciate a skill, you do not possess the right to comment. If you are unable to praise the community effort for this country, we urge you to stay quiet and do your part toward the country.

Let us be true Sri Lankans by planting at least one tree in keeping up with the concept of the “Honitha Lankawa” which will be launched after the concept of the outdoor event.
This country belongs to you. Your future children. It is our responsibility to protect the country.

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  1. Wow. The most powerful line in this blog is when you said, “If one does not know how to appreciate a skill, you do not possess the right to comment.” Art needs to be respected and appreciated!

    • Amazing! I love how you have spoken about the cultural difference. I cannot agree more about the fact that art is a form which should be respected everywhere!

  2. This line spoke volumes to me…’if one does not know how to appreciate a skill, you do not possess the right to comment.’ this line can apply to all aspects of life which is why I love it.

  3. I have traveled to Sri Lanka last summer and I was surprised on how kind the people were and how they lived in harmony with each other. It was after the attacks and people seemed to work together and help each other, coming together as a community.

  4. It is amazing that people, despite their class and upbringing, can do so much to make their country better. I hope other countries can follow their example in the future!

  5. I really love the saying “If one does not know how to appreciate a skill, you do not possess the right to comment”
    Because what would one comment on or.how.would the comment be fitting?


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