Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A Peoples’ Person -Muttiah Muralitharan

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Peoples’ cricket star. What are the goals, dreams and desires that can be fulfilled by a human in life when  life has more? If a person can win the love and respect of others in life, he must surely be a man of high integrity, apart from wealth, vehicles or any other things. It’s not easy to win over the public and it’s difficult to maintain it. It requires common sense, a heart of love, a generousness also a good hand. Muttiah Muralitharan, one of Sri Lanka’s most internationally acclaimed cricket players, who was fortunate enough to grab the attention of people’s love.

Although Born on April 17, 1972, in his hometown Nuwara, his grandfather founded in Sri Lanka in 1921 with the approval of the British, he left India for the plantation industry. Established in 1954, the biscuit industry,  with a strong commitment and enthusiasm, but they also enabled to open up new avenues and rise above other plantation workers.

Without any hesitation about the tea industry’s traditional livelihood, He is proud of his contribution to the Sri Lankan economy. He has also taken several steps to improve the quality of life of the plantation workers, their problems and their problems. As a result, to address the estate business, Muththayiya also met with the current president, Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Joining together with, Another inheritor of a similarly generous heart, Kushil Gunasekara It was Murali’s duty to help others by following the lead of his father. Originally known as the Muralidharan Gunasekera Foundation, it was later established as the”Foundation of Goodness”  in 1998. The silent mission that Muralidharan Gunasekera toward the people has been able to do for nearly 20 years cannot be termed as such. With the arrival of the 2004 tsunami, the quality foundation, which continues to be active, donated thousands of houses to thousands of displaced persons.Presently, Muttiah has been able to incorporate many of these features into more than just donations and be a good role model for politicians who are fooling people into laying down any ends or meaningless donations just to strengthen their pockets. Accordingly, many facilities were provided for women’s well-being, such as sports complexes, numerous vocational training centers.

known as “heartbeat” to grow education in children Muthayya established centers in Sri Lanka for  Various Free Courses such as Computer, English. To be appreciated. International cricket tournaments, sports training centers and transactions with John Keells which is a major factor in raising money will provide indirect employment opportunities and employment opportunities for rural children.
The service from Murali is great for the expansion of talent in the villages, where Cricket is limited to Colombo. He is determined to encourage district and provincial cricket through school cricket creation rather than through sports associations.

A few decades ago, the international community was shocked to see the success of Sri Lankan cricketers, creating miserable memories at the moment. Even cricket fans and great cricketers who shone in the international cricket in Sri Lanka are sadly disappointed. The contribution of Murali to the regrowth of cricket in the abyss is massive.

Murali’s view is different. Modern In practice. It is a tragedy to see that the tea industrial and cricket weakened in Sri Lanka once was shone internationally. He is ready to rebuild these two resources. He has many timely and practical programs for this purpose. Because of the love that people gave him, the main goal of Murali is to help people with needs. Where the world filled with selfish people we need peoples like you Murali. The seed of the ambition of Murali has been planted. Growing and seeking the strength to support his entire community.


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