Can The Love Of A Mother Judge By The Pain Or The Way She Chooses To Deliver Her Child?

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A woman plays many roles in life, but she never hesitates to accept any responsibility. With marvelous energy, she faces unbearable pains throughout pregnancy with anticipation. During the cesarean section, a woman undergoes many circumstances for the protection and health of the mother and infant in the womb. Can the love of a mother judge by the pain or the way she chooses to deliver her child?

Whether it was a vaginal delivery, a c-section, or whatever way the baby is delivering into this world, a mother’s love for her child is never going to change. The joy and excitement that she feels from the time she gets a positive result on her pregnancy test. Since then, every step she takes, and in every act, there is excellent protection and boundless love for the child. Not yet experienced, Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, headaches, headaches, joint pains, abdominal pains like various difficulties she bears for her love forward the child. For nearly ten months, carrying a life in the womb nourishes with great affection without any differences. Her love grows brighter.

“A child should be vaginally born for the mother to feel real love for her child.”
“You have to have a Vaginal delivery (normal childbirth) to be able to breastfeed your baby properly.”

There are a lot of comments that get under my skin.

These are misconceptions that are rooted in a society where some are that led new mothers into depression. There are plenty of young mothers who are almost verbally abused by adults around them. Due to various complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, changes in the uterus, placental abnormalities, changes in the position of the baby, sudden decrease or absence of the baby, many overweight mothers undergo a cesarean section. Whatever way of delivery, the safety and security of the child and mother, are important. You cannot judge the love of a mother through the process of delivery.

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.”


In this cruel world, those who leave the baby in the dirt, on the street, in the jungle, and many more places that we cannot even imagine not deserve to be a mother. Most of them have gone through vaginal birth. Did they not feel the pain of having a baby? So the pain they went through changed nothing. How can we judge a woman, her love, and the way she chooses a way to bring her child healthy and protected to this world? How fair is that?

I write this as a mother gave birth to a baby with a cesarean section after the doctor recommended. The greatest challenge for me from the elders was the fear of not being able to produce bread milk. To me, these last months were packed with frustration and stress and spend more time on searching to find ways to produce milk. Challenged by all situations, I had enough to feed my baby after my cesarean section. I could feel the misconceptions in people’s minds.

Childbirth is a pain that a human being cannot bear. It is undoubtedly accepted. Never the less the pain that comes after a cesarean section. Is not all this due to the affection that a woman has for her child?

The misconception that is rooted in society needs to be changed. Most people feel disturbed by details that are not real. Among these are the times during which a woman has to deal with many myths. Yet bringing a good child to society is not her duty. It is also the responsibility of the family and society. Rather than embarrassing her with various misconceptions, strengthen her mentally. Show concern toward her and her child regardless of how a baby is born. Cesarean section is a lifesaver, not a way reason to judge a mothers’ love.

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  1. People seriously need to get off our back, every birth is amazing, and every woman should be able to chose the way she wishes to give birth without being judged, and certainly not by men!


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