Wonders Of The World Through Her Conscience

To stand tall and stronger after such obstacles is a wonder itself and only the phoenix rises through ashes and that wonder women is none other than Ashcharya Peiris Jayakody.

The Friend Of The Poor – The Highway-Man

The friend of the poor, not a fantasy like Robin Hood. But an existence of a hero helping the poor. A story worth a read to know it's existence

A friendship That Stood The Vicissitudes Of Time

Friendships are unique relationships because, unlike family relationships, we choose to enter into them. In real life, especially in today's world, it is not easy to sustain a real friendship.

It’s Easy To Show It In Action, Then Saying. -Lucion Pushparaj

The Black Lion of Asia -Lucion Pushparaj, the first Sri Lankan to participate in this world-renowned and successful US bodybuilding competition, and his success has become an eye-opener, placing Sri Lanka at a prominent place in the world bodybuilding scene.

I Felt As If Someone Had Set My Whole Body On fire. The Skin Was Just Coming Off, It Was Like Dripping, From My...

How many times did you feel like "I'm so sick of this life, I wish I could end this life"? If we can sometimes identify the underlying reasons, there could be meaningless incidents. The core of such a cause can be secondary when compared to the value of one's life.

I Only Ask Them To Bless Me -Shan Manusath

To raise a great human being, Parents make sacrifices and go through a lot of hard work. Still, some kids mislead by society and choose the wrong path. Kids like Shan Manusath are indeed an inspiration for kids of his age and any age group.

A Peoples’ Person -Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan, one of Sri Lanka’s most internationally acclaimed cricket players, who was fortunate enough to grab the attention of people’s love.

His Only Desire To Rest In Peace With His Sister One Day

Don Sumathipala as known as Hithumathe Jeewithe, a name widely known by Sri Lankans, an astounding story that runs behind justice of its blood. Call it braveness or call it murderer whichever it is, his only desire to rest in peace with his sister one day.

Mrs.World 2020 -Caroline Jurie

Caroline Jurie was crowned Mrs. World 2020 at the pageant held in Las Vegas, United State by competing with 51 other contestants who overcame many obstacles thru her confident, courage, dedication and her patience.

The Unpredicted Gold Medalist -Dilshi Kumarasinghe

Dilshi Kumarasinghe, the star that shined at a Ratnayake college bought an unpromising medal. That shock the Sri Lankan media. A pressure that she unknowingly had to witness and bear during the sport.