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It’s Easy To Show It In Action, Then Saying. -Lucion Pushparaj

The Black Lion of Asia -Lucion Pushparaj, the first Sri Lankan to participate in this world-renowned and successful US bodybuilding competition, and his success has become an eye-opener, placing Sri Lanka at a prominent place in the world bodybuilding scene.

Sri Lanka has never been lacking in talent. Unfortunately, the corrupt money-oriented structure won’t allow potential champions to succeed. Lucion, competing at the event under the 100 kg category, believes it’s a big win in his career. And it wasn’t a pleasant journey. His struggle to gain support and support from the Sri Lankan Bodybuilding Federation (SLBF) continues, however, as a result of a conflict of interest between him and the officials and, sadly, corruption.

Since school days, Pushparaj has been a sporty figure. Equipped with a Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness. In Oman 2012, Lucian worked as a Fitness Instructor, where he learned more about bodybuilding. Then he traveled to Kuwait, where he participated in the sport while working. Even tho Pushparaj won internationally, he didn’t get any support from the Sri Lankan government. But with his own earning and efforts, he made the motherland proud. Through his passion for weight lifting, he has paved the way to win people’s hearts.

He won his first major competition in the 2014 Mr. Sri Lanka Contest, winning a gold medal. In 2012, he awarded the International Federation of Body Building & Fitness Pro status and began taking part in national and international competitions.

I lift weights for the people of my country not for politicians or authorities

– Pushparaj

It’s easy to show it in action, then saying.


Lucion Pushparaj gave a message to the youth and future bodybuilders of Sri Lanka during his interview with the Daily mirror.

“The youth today are addicted to drugs and other bad habits. When someone goes to the gym, they forget it. I request parents to introduce them to this sport. Once at the gym, they concentrate on their body, and they have less time to engage in nefarious activities. If we have a target, we can move towards it. I started from scratch, but today people know me because of bodybuilding. I know parents who walk up to me and say that their children are following me and that they want to be a bodybuilder like me. So it’s quite satisfying to know that I have been an inspiration to someone else.”

Everyone who has done gym workouts should know the steepness of the route. For bodybuilders, life is not always easy.

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