I Only Ask Them To Bless Me -Shan Manusath

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In life, Shan Manusath had nothing more to lose. Despite all the problems, he still doesn’t have a proper birth certificate. Most of the answers to his birth certificate marked as unknown. The story began when he was in 3rd grade. Shan lived with his parents, who unmarried and both legal parents living together. After the death of his abusive and alcoholic father, Shan was left alone.

Many people attended the funeral. After the final rites, one by one, everyone left, and nobody was at home. It was only me. Even my mother was not there. I searched for my mother everywhere and couldn’t find her.

-Shan Manusath

The nine years old didn’t know what to do, took his school bag with two school uniforms, left the house and started to walk all alone

Shan was taken to the hospital by a conductor who later raised him and took care of him as a child of his own. As time passes, the conductor was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. After that, shan had to do most of the cooking and cleaning in the house. He had to cook before going to school.

The boy was living in the conductor house until he finishes his O/L (High school) studies. Even though the other family members let me stay with them, Shan began to feel he was a burden for them. He didn’t want to trouble them anymore. So he left the house thinking to find a job and continue his higher studies with his own money which he could not complete.

He found a job at a restaurant where he learned many things about the food industry and earned 15,000rs (~ 15$) per month. In the restaurant, he had a separate room to stay that he found a place to call his own. Shan was enjoying working there. One day, He fell asleep and could not attend work on time when the owner scolded him saying bastard and chase him away. Shan had nowhere to go.

Shan had a friend who he met in the restaurant where they both worked, found this situation unfairly, quit his job, which he earned Rs.75,000 per month. The friends together started their shop Shakyan’z La Cafe with the help of a teacher, and Abeeth, who volunteerely came to help them.

I got paid Rs.75,000, but my boss fired Shan, my best friend. I felt bad for him. I know about him better than anyone else.’

Their friendship is a living example for all those who use their friends for their benefit.

Shakyan’z La Cafe locates in the Kuliyapitiya area of Sri Lanka. Fresh and quality food such as various types of buns, different types of rice, refreshing fruit drinks, and cakes sold here. Free delivery offered within two kilometers from Kuliyapitiya. There are facilities for various events. Shan, Sakya, and the band who are genuinely talented for singing provide music section free of charge.

Shan’s dream is to become a music director.

When the interviewer finally asked him, “what will you say to a person who wants to reach you and help you?” His answer was,

” I only ask them to bless me. Nothing else! Blessing is what I want. I don’t want to hear anyone call me a beggar for giving me money. All hurtful words I heard in my life is enough. Bless me and support me for my musical journey.

To raise children as great human being, Parents make sacrifices and go through a lot of hard work. Still, some kids mislead by society and choose the wrong path. Kids like Shan Manusath are indeed an inspiration for kids of his age and any age group. We take everything for granted. Let’s be thankful for every blessing we have in our lives and wish and bless Shan for his future.

To contact Shan Manusath https://www.facebook.com/shanserasingha/

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