Thursday, July 2, 2020

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The Unpredicted Gold Medalist -Dilshi Kumarasinghe

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It is time for mother Lanka to triumph over the world. While Caroline brightens up the pearl of the Indian Ocean, there are similarly significant other players bring achievements after achievements through many forms.

Out of those many recognized ways of bringing the best title home, Relay is one athletic sport that must not go unspoken of. Dilshi Kumarasinghe, the star that shined at a Ratnayake college bought an unpromising medal. That shock the Sri Lankan media. A pressure that she unknowingly had to witness and bear during the sport.

The promising gold medalist for the sport of Relay was namely Nimali who unfortunately had to withdraw from the sport over the last minute, medical conditional which led her to be hospitalized in Nepal. The pressure was distributed among the overage runners.

It was a minimal possibility of bringing a gold medal with predicted timings of Dilshi Kumarasinghe. Pulsating, her heart, Dilshani Kumarasinghe, pressured herself to win the gold medal not letting down country’s expectations in 800-meter relay she was supposed to run beside Nimaly.

It did not end there. Her heart throbbed again with pressure whom she was advised that her colleague Nadeesha with a promising medal fell ill similarly like Nimali. She was held responsible for both 400M and 400M*4, sport Nadeesh was considered to bring gold medals home.

During relay it was near impossible to bring home a gold, beating all odds of her records with a time of 53.40, she deemed to win more gold for the country.

​During the race, The leading athletes align as India, Pakistan then Sri Lanka until the third race. But the luck changed to the other athletes, Dhilshi Kumarasinghe surpassed all that defined her averaged and proved otherwise.

she bought herself and to mother Lanka 3 prestigious gold medals giving herself a new definition as the one who won the most gold medals in south Asia games 2019 for Sri Lanka.

Amidst all positive reasons Dhilshi Kumarasinghe prooved, another reason to take pride in. After 21 years, in the book of south Asian games, Dhilshi Kumarasinghe made it possible to surpass India in south Asian games 2019.

Countries need athletes like Dhilshi Kumarasinghe similarly to all other participants representing Sri Lanka Nilani Rathnayaka, Lakshika Sugandhi, Lakshini Sarangi, Aruna Dharshana, Hiruni Vijayrathna, Anjani Pulawansa. We thank everyone for the efforts.


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