Wonders Of The World Through Her Conscience

Ashcharya Peiris Jayakody
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If one is able to rise through the ashes of a burnt life, to stand alone in a world that has left one to oneself, living life knowing that everyone including family has left your hand and yet not to lose your way, for such a person losing her sight, the only aid in life is unimaginable to you, me and the rest of the world. To stand tall and stronger after such obstacles is a wonder itself and only the phoenix rises through ashes and that wonder women is none other than Ashcharya Peiris Jayakody.

Stepping into a new phase in her life as she started her career, her newly purchased drive only drove her to a darker den as she experiences the greatest mockery of life. A thirty-year civil war that prolonged is Sri Lanka just could not have spared her, as the Rajagiriya (in the year 2000) claymore that claimed the lives of many innocent civilians, darkened Ashcharya’s life in the blink of an eye. She opens her eyes on a hospital bed, three days after the bomb blast into a world of pitch black. She had completely lost sight of both her eyes in the most unfortunate event of her life and despite sitting behind a wheel, there she was wheelchair bound for the rest of her life.

It was her only companion when the entire world turned their back on her. Her parents and relations take simple steps out of her life, leaving her grievances to herself in a dark world, but there is no way she could have known it to be darker. “There had been countless nights that I have screamed and cried but none had wiped my tears, there had been nights that I have simply learnt to live without going to the washroom as fear and incapability cuddled me tighter and there had been no one to help me” she would recall her past.

When the had rose bloomed, there had been thousands that flocked around, mesmerized by her beauty, there had been many more who attempted to light their lives through her burning candles, and those very people have left the rose when it withered. There was none to sprinkle water on a withering rose that once had buzzing bees flocking around it. Is she to hate, be angry, reprimand or feel sad about and for those who have left her side in the most needed hour of her life? ‘This is a feeling that is overwhelming me’ she says.

Ashcharya Peiris Jayakod inspiring woman

In her words, she lives a life where she has eliminated her past fears, and sadness. She is an iron woman with a stronger back bone and she now leads a life of an award-winning fashion designer. Not only that, she is also a motivational speaker that helps emerging leaders to shape up their lives. Ashcharya is also a successful businesswoman and a social worker in Sri Lanka who has made her come back in the past twenty years as s stronger, inspirational character. Despite those who have left her during her most needy time, she has now found love in her life. Apart from her success in the business world, she is also a loving wife and a mother.

Ashcharya is the greatest example to even those who have no visual impairments. She is that exemplary character that has immense courage in her life to turn tables, that too into the positives. Her words are those stronger than that of the strongest men to walk the earth.

“The irresponsible and unacceptable conduct of politicians and rulers in the country with hidden agendas are the only ones that should be held accountable to the sufferings and to the many innocent lives lost” she says with utter disappointment. She voices out to the world about the Easter attacks launched in Sri Lanka, as a bearer of similar pain and suffering, knowing the very pain of the victims. Her speech which is a result of her uncanny ability to lay the truth out on plain before society.

Inspiring woman

She steps into the limelight of life and society as she emerges to be a successful fashion designer and she goes on to become the best upcoming fashion designer in the year 2014, challenging those with no visual impairments. The success of her life takes her to the peaks as she enters in to being among the 10 most remarkable women in Sri Lanka in 2017.

Her sensitivity to colors is amazing and she can match and use colors better than anyone even with eyes. Similar to her sensitivity to colors, Ashcharya is also sensitive to the issues of those suffering from traumatic situations in life which is a result of her own life lessons of facing catastrophes, dealing with losses, and hitting the rock bottom. She speaks of and for those who have had similar situation in life while she continues to inspire the life of others, knowing that there is always a rise in every fall. She knows exactly how to ignite fire from the leftover sparks which has made the motivational speaker she is today, a service she considered noteworthy.

She is the finest example of how to balance life, not only as a successful businesswoman but also as a mother and a loving wife. It is Ashcharya who investigates the finest details of her domestic life from cooking to cleaning and all other chores in a household. “I have always attempted to minimize the weakness of my blindness and that is the exact notions that rule my household as well” she says. She sets an example to every other woman who has an excuse to evade responsibility.

She has only lost her eyes, and she is that person who never judges a book by its cover but digs deeper into the insides of people and touches sensitive points while presenting their very inner thoughts. She, who is as mentioned before, as sensitive as the soft petals of a flower, but her words are powerful and can cut through the thickest of any metal. Ashcharya, is that one person who has touched areas where non other have ever touched, she has gone the depths that none other has every dreamt of.

Within the darkness of her blindness, she has learnt to see the colors of the world and her impairment has never made her feel weak. She regenerates her life with courage that you and I have never possessed and walks in self confidence unique to herself.

Nothing more can be wished to a woman of her nature, but only success in not only taking the name of Sri Lanka to the International area of the fashion world but her confidence and ability in being a good mother and an inspirational wife. May her ability of building up lives of those who see no light at the end of the tunnel, be stronger and last longer. We wish her nothing but the best in all her ventures.

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